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Supplying products that meet strict design and quality standards is only part of the K. G. N. Hydraulic mission. We establish and maintain close relationships with each of our customers. We pay attention to the little details that will help you to obtain what you need and when you need it. If your requirements involve more than a ''standard'' product, our technical team will work to satisfy those needs too.
The company was established in 2007. Since the very beginning we have been providing an extensive range of products and services in our own sales network.

With years of experience we became experts in our business. Today, we can offer the top quality products and assistance in selecting the right solutions. We can aid our Customers with technical expertise and professional services.

As we value quality and safety, we decided to work with the most prominent manufacturers from around the world. Therefore we can deliver products meeting the most stringent technical, health and safety, and environment protection requirements.

The highest quality of our products and services is confirmed by certificates granted by independent notified bodies.

Our motto says, Hoses and couplings for industry”, though the portfolio of products we offer is much more extensive and ranges from clips, clamps, valves, compensators, machines for hose assembly production to products for high pressure hydraulics or industrial pneumatics.

But that’s not all.

We also provide professional services such as: production of industrial hose assemblies, crimping hydraulic hoses and technical advice on product selection.

We are creating solutions for our customers’ success, worldwide.

We will profitably grow our business worldwide through:

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  •  Unique, innovative solutions with our business partners
  •  Unparalleled service & value through the eyes of our customers
  •  Industry & community recognition as the employer of choice
  •  Culture of continuous improvement

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